Making Memories Creative Reminiscence Packs – “Play” Coming Soon


This pack is all about playfulness.

Remembering childhood and the feeling of freedom and having permission to play.

We all need to play sometimes, no matter how old we are!

The packs are easy for carers to use with the residents because of the suggested ideas on the printouts, but also allow them to follow their own creative impulses and make whatever they want taking into account the residents individual likes/wants.  The boxes are exciting to open, fun, colourful, tactile, memory provoking, a talking point bringing people together and reusable. An overall brilliant resource for our carers and residents to have.”

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Making Memories resources are creative activities linked to reminiscence objects and themes.

They were created for care homes in Denbighshire from 2020-22 by Making Sense CIC.  During COVID 19 lockdowns, care home staff were struggling to find time to spend with residents who were suffering from isolation and not understanding why their families weren’t visiting.

Working with professional artists, we relied on their previous extensive experience of delivering creative workshops with care home residents to put together packs of creative materials and reminiscence objects.
PLUS easy to follow guides for simple creative and interactive activities to do with residents one to one or with a small group.

Making Memories Packs were successful in providing quick and easy stimulating activities which were beneficial to the wellbeing of staff and residents allowing them to spend quality time together.

10 different packs were designed and developed during this project. The packs are now available to order as individual packs to use at home or larger packs for activities in care homes.

The packs are for all your residents; they are designed for people living with dementia, bringing opportunities to collect valuable memories to share with family and friends.

Using the Pack

The activities in the packs can be used over several sessions, days, or weeks; you can go back to them.

You can work with one person at a time or as a group activity.

You can do the activities in any order you like, and you are free to adapt them to suit your setting and your residents.

You can add your own ideas and follow your residents’ memories and creative ideas using the pack as a starting point.