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The National Wildflower Centre commissioned Making Sense to run a series of development workshops with nursery and reception classes and  children and adults with learning difficulties –

Following  evidence that Knowsley school children had some of the lowest attainment levels in Maths in the country The National Wildflower Centre was keen to explore how they could use the Natural Environment at the centre to deliver the maths curriculum in an interesting way.


Using the natural environment and resources at The National Wildflower Centre to develop self led learning activities.

Problem solving- Reasoning – Numeracy Skills- Shape-Measuring- numbers-symmetry- pattern-counting-sorting- matching.

Explore, enjoy, learn, practise and talk about developing understanding.

I chose to develop numeracy activities linked to the flowers themselves – encouraging participants to look closely at flowers and petals.
All activities focused around flowers and a mixture between outdoor exploration and classroom based investigation and creativity.IMG_3825

Ticky Lowe